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Сольный концерт в клубе "Подсолнухи"

News/ July 5, 2019
13 июля 2019 года в клубе "Подсолнухи" состоится сольный концерт соул-певца, композитора, аранжировщика, участника проектов «Голос» и «Главная…

Arthur Best and Alexander Shawah Award Chanson of the Year 2018

News/ April 22, 2018
Arthur Best and Alexander Shawah Award Chanson of the Year 2018 An important event in the creative work of any artist is certainly creativity…

Presentation of Officiał video: ARTUR Best & Sasha Shoua

News/ April 12, 2018
On April 12, in the heart of Moscow, in Karaoke Shanson, located at: Tverskaya Street 22, a presentation of a video for the song "Ya ukradu eyo"…

Soon in the City of Krasnodar

News/ November 29, 2017
The talent has no boundaries, if the song and its performer are popular with people, but no walls are a barrier to real music. On December…


News/ August 16, 2017
A multi-instrumentalist, a singer, an arranger, a sound producer - yes, we're talking about one incredibly talented person who does not…

Артур Бэст и Александр Шоуа - Я украду её

News/ June 6, 2017
Совсем недавно, была презентована песня, которую написал Артур Бэст и Дарья Кузнецова. Дуэт в исполнении двух певцов это либо сложная идейная работа,…


News/ April 19, 2017
On April 21, Artur Best will sing in the main oriental show of the country!

Happy New Year!

News/ January 5, 2017
My dear friends, New Year is the time to remember all the memories we share, all the fun things we did, all the secrets we poured out for…